Clips by Apple

Clips by Apple – a must have app for teaching and learning

One of the biggest advantages of having a device nearby is the ability to capture photos and videos quickly.  However, if you want to spruce them up for your viewing audience, you need to use apps like iMovie.  The problem with that is that it takes too much time.

The clever people at Apple have come up with a free solution called Clips.  Not only can you record your video, but you can quickly add music, titles and text dictated by you.  The dictated text appears as you say it.  Amazing, right?  What you’ll end up with a great little product that took very little time to create.  Clips is an absolute must on your iOS device.

Virtual Learning Opportunities

Organising excursions/incursion can be challenging to organise and run.  What if you students could go on virtual field trips?  There’s a great website filled with interactive talks given by authors (like Leigh Hobbs),  zoologists, marine biologists and so on.  Check it out, here.

Digitized Learning vs Digital Learning

The greatest potential of learning with technology tools is that teachers and students can transform the traditional learning environment, processes, and products. Just providing teachers and students solely with a tool, such as Seesaw, will not necessarily lead to transformative practices.

Dr. Tim Clark’s article discusses digitised learning versus digital learning and how to identify what type of learning is taking place in your classroom through the use of the SAMR model.  A good read to get us thinking about the effectiveness our practice.

How do you teach your students to research?

The State Library of Victoria’s Research Launch Pad for teachers is a free online, self-paced module which takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. It is designed to assist teachers in structuring research tasks in the classroom.  Click here to find out more.  It’s free until April 2018 and definitely worth a look into.

Creating rich multimedia resources

Book Creator is a wonder app used in our 1:1 program by our students and can be used by all teachers to create wonderful multimedia books on the iPad.  However, like all technology, where do we start?  Here.  There are 10 webinars on this website to help you and your students be amazing while using this app.

If you simply would like a user guide, click here.  Which ever site you go to, I’m sure you and your students will be making great multimedia books very soon.

Dealing with Digital Distraction in the Classroom

As we have greater access to technology compared to any time in history, we face some challenges when trying to integrate technology into various learning areas.  One of the biggest challenges we face is digital distraction.  Attached is a short video explaining a few strategies you can put in place at the start of the year to ensure a more productive learning environment.  (This video briefly talks about using phones at school.  We do not allow the use of phones in the classroom, but the advice applies directly to our current environment.)

If you would like to find out more, go to the following link.  It’s got great resources to get you going.